Have you ever wondered ‘How to mow a lawn using the Advanced Chute System?’ Guess what! You can find answers to all your questions related to ACS and how it works here! You can also find some valuable lawn mulching tips that can help enhance your mowing experience while using the Advanced Chute System.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Advanced Chute System.

Why do I need spacers?

Our unit is designed to fit all mid mount zero-turn mowers. Therefore, we send spacers in our kits so our unit will adapt to your mower deck.

Should I use all of the spacers?


How do I know how many to use?

Use different combinations of spacers to suit your mower. To ensure you are using the proper amount of spacers, place the ACS on the mower deck in the closed position. Use different combinations of spacers so the shield is flush with the bottom of the deck

Will I have to drill new holes in my deck?


How do I know where to mount the ACS on my deck?

In most cases, try to keep the ACS toward the front of the deck. The ACS shield will be wider than most mower openings. This will allow you to move the chute from front to back so you can negotiate any obstacles in the path of the shield and the ACS arm. Make sure that when your ACS is in the open position the arm does not interfere with your drive arm or deck height adjustment.

Why is the shield so big? I thought this unit was designed for my mower.

Our system is designed to fit a lot of different mowers with different size openings. Therefore, in some cases, the shield will be larger than your deck opening. This will not affect the way the ACS functions.

Does the ACS attach to my existing shield tabs?


What is the cam and what is its purpose?

The cam is the mushroomed shaped zinc plated piece attached to your ACS shield. On the U, US, and ULS models the cam gives you a 25% option. If you do not want the cam to catch, shut the shield a little harder and the cam will kick forward and the shield will seal off.

Does the shield stick out past the deck when in the open position?

The shield does stay inside the deck in the open position on the U, US, and ULS models.

What about walk behinds?

The ACS is designed to fit mid-mount zero-turn mowers; however, the ACS will fit a lot of walk-behinds on the market. The disadvantage is that the handle is not easily accessible from behind the mower deck.

Can the ACS be partially open?

Yes, but not on the ACS6000UBS and UBLS.

How do I order and pay?

You can order online or by phone. We take all major credit cards.

What area do I get as a dealer?

We do not assign areas to dealers because of the nature of our product.

How do I become a dealer?

Click the Dealers link and fill out the form for prospective dealers and an Advanced Chute System representative will be in touch with you, or call 1-866-698-1835 for more information.

Will the ACS void the deck warranty?